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Take part 2024

What are we looking for?

If you sing or play any musical instrument(s) and you are between 5-25 years of age, you are invited to take part in the Spring Festival for Young Musicians "Over the Rainbow" 2023, hosted by Rosi Piano School, in collaboration with "Fire of Orpheus" foundation.
We are looking for talented musicians from all over the world. You can play or sing a piece/song of any genre or style of music in 3 categories- instrumental and vocal performances and traditional folk music.

 You can participate as a soloist or as an ensemble.


The performers' levels are split into 4 groups:
1st group - Beginner level (Beginners, Grade1)
2nd group - Beginners to Intermediate ( Grade 2, 3)
3rd group - Intermediate level ( Grade 4,5,6)
4th group - Advanced level ( Grade 7,8 and above)


All participants earn a certificate for their participation.

The Festival is having 2 parts- virtual and live concerts, as everyone can participate in one or both parts with the same or different performance.

Virtual concert
If you wish to take part in the virtual part you need to:
Fill out a participation form and send us a video of your performance (one piece/song) between 1st January - 25th February 2024. Please, check out our video requirements.


Entry is absolutely free however we will be happy if you show support for our Festival by donating a small amount of money via our PayPal:



All videos from each category will be realised on 10th March only as private videos. Everyone will receive the links to all performances via ema

Special awards in the Virtual part
As we all know, the festival is never a competition, however there will be special awards given to the participants from each level in the virtual part:
1. Most heart-touching performance
2. Most artistic performance
3. Best performance with special message/tribute
4. Most technical performance
5. Most creative performance


Live concert
If you wish to take part in the live concert in London in March 2024 you need to:
Fill out a participation form and send us a video of your performance (one piece/song) between 1st January - 25th February 2024.  As soon as you send us your form you will receive a confirmation email for your participation.

Please note, there are only 50 spaces for people that can perform at the live concert.



Participation fees for live concert:
1. Individual performance - £15
2. Duet performance - £20
3. Group performance up to 5- £25
4. Group performance more than 5- £30




Video requirements:
1. You must introduce yourself at the start of your performance in English or in the language you normally speak. State your name, your age, what country/city you're from and the piece/song you will play as well as the composer of the piece/song.
2. Your video can be filmed with the following devices: phone, iPad, tablet, HD camera etc.

Please note!! The format of your video must be landscape and in 16:9.
Videos in different format will not be accepted.

3. Your video can be filmed at home, at your school, where you usually have your music lessons, at a studio or a concert hall. It is recommended that you choose a place with good lighting and sound.
Please, note! We do not accept edited videos or videos from other concerts and competitions.


Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions or concerns.

Together, lets make the Spring of 2024 even more bright and beautiful with your musical performances!

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