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Over the Rainbow 2023






















                                       You can enjoy our Virtaul concert by clicking the buttons below.                                                  












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Congratulations to over 240 children and young people who have taken part in the 3rd spring festival ''Over the Raibow'', London 2023

We would like to express our admiration for all the talented musicians from Great Britain, Bulgaria, Morocco, Italy, Holland, Germany and United Arab Emirates. You are amazing!

A huge thank you to all the teachers who inspire and support their students in their musical journey.

Our festival is not competetive, however in this 3rd edition we have awarded the best performances which is split into 5 categories: most artistic, technical, creative, heart-touching performance and performance with special message and tribute.

It was very difficult to make such decisions because everyone is extremely awesome in their own different ways. 

However, some of your performances deeply touched our hearts and we would love to award them. Congratulations! Please click here for the results. 

1st group

Instrumental performances:

Vocal performances:


2nd group

Instrumental performances:

Vocal performances:


3rd group

Instrumental performances:

3rd and 4th group- Vocal performances



3rd and 4th group - Bulgarian folklore

4th group

Instrumental and classical singing performances:

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